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Facebook Profile Pictures Privacy issue

a while ago I came across a small discovery while enjoying my daily stalking of people on facebook..JK. I noticed that facebook when someone sets a profile picture out of a picture in his/her gallery and crop it, lets say around the face, its name is still the same as the original picture and only the first part of the picture address is changed, but that means we can change the first part and get the whole picture with the original size and even the complete picture if it was cropped out of a gallery photo. here is an example of how a profile picture that its privacy is set to friends only maybe and thats mean you can click it to see it up close.. all you have to do is right click and open the image in a new tab or copy the image location (it might be different for your browser, but it should be something to indicate the same thing) and you get address like that :-

Muslims ARE Terrorists.

When non-Muslims, usually the West and Europe, Say that Muslims are Terrorists, They are clearly not thinking right. following the media and easy answers. Just want someone to blame or simply they don't understand or bother to know more what they are talking about. If I were living among them, I would have thought the same from what I see, hear, or read about everyday. When Muslims and the Arab world defend Islam and say that Muslims are NOT terrorists, They are clearly not thinking right as well. They are fooled by the media and by years of ignorance and hate build. Arab will defend anything they believe in no matter how or why. They won't even try to understand why they are defending something or why others are attacking it in the first place, thus creating more to be attacked and its an endless cycle involving hate, attacks, and blood. Yes some Muslims are Terrorists, Some are not. Same with any other Religion, Race, Beliefs, and any group of people. and it would be wr
القاعدة الصبح علي القهوة بعد الفجر عموما بتخليني اشوف حاجات كتير بتخليني انط جوا حياة الناس. اللي نازل يصلي و يشتري حاجات بسيطة و هو طالع..اللي نازل يشتري فطار و طالع..اللي نازل رايح الشغل و بيعدي علي القهوة...الخ كنت بقالي فترة بكتب حاجة جديدة بس مش عارف اكملها..مش عارف اوصل اللي انا شفته او تخيلته..كل يوم بفتح الدرافت و افضل باصص للمكتوب و مابعرفش اكمل. صورة مجرد بتفكرني.
sleep naked. free your junk.
الاحساس و انا صاحي اشرب القهوة و هي نايمة علي كتفي. الاحساس و احنا سهرانيين بنتفرج علي فيلم و هي تنام و هي في حضني. هي ولا الاحساس؟ هي ولا الفكرة؟ لو كان غيرها كان هايفرق ولا؟ الاحساس هو هو مع اي حد ولا الشخص بيفرق؟ تصحي من النوم فرحان و تزعل لما تفكر انك يومين و ماشي مش راجع..ماتبقاش عايز تفرح تاني علشان الفرحة ماتيضعش او مايبقاش في حاجة تانية تشدك للموضوع.  حلو لما تعيش لحاجة مشتاقلها و بتفكر فيها ولا هايبقي احسن لما تلاقي اللي عايزه علي طول من غير اشتياق؟ صحيح لما بتدور علي حاجة مابتلاقيهاش ولما تنساها بتيجي لوحدها و لا تدويرك عليها و سعيك ليها بيفرق و بيجبها و بيوصلك؟ الاحساس اكيد بالنسبة لي حلو بس الشخص اللي معاك اكيد بيفرق.