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How I keep my Android devices semi-secure

Nothing is secure. We just try to make it more difficult to hack (or break) into stuff and Android devices are the same. So I will try to list some of my techniques to "semi-secure" my Android devices. Device Settings this is the starting point here, whether you want to setup a pin code for unlocking your device (or use your finger prints with newer devices) it happens it makes sense to start first with physically securing access to your device.   this will be somehow different depending on what device you have and what options it got, however the basics are the same. You need to make sure that your device can't be unlocked by anyone other than yourself or other than people you would want them to unlock it. you can use a pattern which is easy to guess because of the trace your finger leaves behind and the pin is a little more secure followed by a password which is as secure as the strength of the password, then comes the fingerprint which is pretty mu
I find my self here trying to write out my mind, but often I stop after a few lines deciding its worthless. what i want to write is always on my mind and writing it down won't let me feel better. it might make me feel worse. for some time now i have been living a life i dont want. I am not happy. I can't even remember the last time i did something that made me feel happy for more than 2 hours. I have come to a point where i understand why people who do drugs do.. and before that i changed my mind about people who commit suicide. I have no idea what to do. how to change this miserable life of mine...if i can call that a life. i not happy. i am almost afraid all the time. i am afraid because i always think of what could any time and any where. we are not safe. we are not happy. we have this false feelings that we are safe...that everything is gonna be alright and that maybe because without those feelings we can't live...and thats why i can't live. I have no
I don't like my work. I don't like waking up early, wearing suits, or be another buffalo in the herd. My salary won't get me anything I want. It won't get me a car. A decent car that is. It won't get me an apartment nor will it get me a shack on an isolated beach somewhere. If I were "normal", the salary won't even cover my expenses every month. I rarely go out and when I do it's 9/10 a local coffee shop where I have 1 coffee, black, and without sugar. I don't buy cloth often because I don't like the shops where someone is trying to force sell you stuff and the other places are expensive. oh, and because I don't go out much I don't really need a lot of cloths. So why am I still doing working where I do? more importantly, what am I living for? 

تخيلات - عبيد

- القرف اللي احنا فيه ده بهذه اللكمات يبدء يومه و هو يغلق المنبه في ميعاد استيقاظه للعمل .. يطفئ المنبه و يظل مستلقي علي السرير يراجع قرارات حياته. ما كان و ما سوف يكون متذكرا مرحلة ما قبل العمل عندما كان يقرر النزول او عدمه كل صباح عند الاستيقاظ، فالكلية و المدرسة علي الرغم من ثقلهما - خصوصا الكلية - كانا يوفران رفاهية الذهاب او عدم الذهاب . يتحرك و يتململ قليلا تحت الغطاء في محاولة لجلب قرار النهوض و لا يشجعه الا التفكير في ذلك "الدش" الذي يجعل بداية يومه لها مميزاتها. يتذكر قليلا فيما سيحدث في الصيف عندما تزيد فترات انقطاع الكهرباء و بالتالي " موتور المياه " فيصبح اليوم بلا دش . يمكن للناس الاستغناء عن كل شئ في الحمام تقريبا و الاكتفاء بالدش .. هكذا كان يعتقد و هو يؤخر من حلاقة ذقنه الذي كانت توفر كلا من الكلية و المدرسة ايضا رفاهية عدم حلاقتها . بعد متعة الاستحمام و المياه الساخنة تأتي متعة المنشفة ... ربما لأنها تحتضنه و يحتضنها كل يوم...الانسان يحتاج الي الكثير من الاحضان . يلبس تلك الملابس التي تكتفه اولا ثم تخنقه رويدا رويدا .. تلك الملابس
الواحد مثلا هايعيش حياته كلها عمره ما هايشوف الاماكن دي او هايبقي عنده امكانية انه يعمل حاجة زي كدة و لا هايبقي معاه فلوس كفاية و لا مسموحله بوقت براحته كدة. احنا عبيد...مش اكتر.

Bash script for a mono wallch indicator

I wrote this simple script to change wallch indicator to a mono one because I didn't like the current one. I once participated in adding Arabic to wallch and I just love this program. What is Wallch? Wallch is a wallpaper changer. It doesn't simply change your desktop background with the wallpapers that you have in your hard disk, though. While it does that well by monitoring the folder that you have selected for new or deleted pictures, it has lots of features, like Picture of the day, Live Earth, Wallpaper Clocks and Live Website! Wallch is Open Source, which means that anyone can download and inspect the code. It currently works on Gnome (with or without Unity integration), LXDE, XFCE and Mate. Wallch version 4.0 is now available for download. you can do it manually by downloading quick icon i did from here  and replacing it in "/usr/share/wallch/files/" or simply download and run the script  or just copying it