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How I keep my Android devices semi-secure

Nothing is secure. We just try to make it more difficult to hack (or break) into stuff and Android devices are the same. So I will try to list some of my techniques to "semi-secure" my Android devices. Device Settings this is the starting point here, whether you want to setup a pin code for unlocking your device (or use your finger prints with newer devices) it happens it makes sense to start first with physically securing access to your device.   this will be somehow different depending on what device you have and what options it got, however the basics are the same. You need to make sure that your device can't be unlocked by anyone other than yourself or other than people you would want them to unlock it. you can use a pattern which is easy to guess because of the trace your finger leaves behind and the pin is a little more secure followed by a password which is as secure as the strength of the password, then comes the fingerprint which is pretty mu