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Lone Survivor - Book review

this review is on goodreads this is gonna be hard one to review. first things first, my review or thoughts are in no way concerning those who passed away. I thought this book was going to be more than that. I watched the movie and I liked it so I thought the book would be packed with more details and that should make it 1000 times better, but it made it worse. I guess its safe to say that we are all brainwashed by those who are moving the strings and if anyone should be extra brainwashed its gonna be the men and women of the military, any military for that matter. it doesn't mean that those military men and women are bad, it doesn't mean they are good either because everyone comes from a different background and different ideology, but its safe to say that most of them believes they are doing good and doing it for the right reasons, because if you aren't into killing and murdering, why would you