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we cherish the past, because the present is ugly and the future is nonexistent.
it's so much easier to hate than to love. to kill, than provide life. It's so much easier to cut a tree, than planting one. It is also much easier to feed hate. to make people hate. At some points in my life, I had pretty much what I wanted, but I always let it slip away. will I ever learn?! I have also come to realize that for my entire life, I have drifted away from people I have been so close to. I have lost most of my "best friends". I've lost lots of people. To control groups, You have to make them live in fear. You have to keep them always moving..don't give them a chance to think. Don't give them a chance to enjoy what they have and keep them thinking about the things they could have if they just worked a little bit harder and harder and harder. Make them always think about how to live, to survive, rather than living. ....
ممكن تكون المشكلة راجعة لاني اناني..او اتعودت ان الحاجة بتاعتي تبقي بتاعتي انا بس. الصحاب سواء واحد او اكتر، لو حسيت انهم مش صحابي بمعني صحابي، بقفل. لو مش عارفين كل حاجة عن بعض او حد بيعمل حاجة من ورا التاني..يبقي خلاص. دي انانية...لزقة...اي حاجة..بس اعتقد اني كدة وصلت للمشكلة. الانسان محتاج حد يتكلم معاه ويسمعه. محتاج حد ينام معاه. محتاج حد يخرج معاه. محتاج حد ياكل معاه. حد يحبه. محتاج حد يتطمن عليه ويتطمن هو علي حد. مش لازم يبقي الحد ده واحد بيعمل معاه كل ده..المعادلة الاسهل انك تلاقي اشخاص يبقي كل واحد فيهم كويس في حاجة فتعمل الحاجة دي معاه. وبكدة يبقي الكلام ده متعارض مع المشكلة الاساسية الا وهي اني اناني. ويبقي الحل اني يا انتحر يا اعيش كدة ثور الله في برسيمه. الكلام ده كتبته من فترة في نوت علي الموبايل..لاقيته دلوقتي وانا برتب. يمكن من 2013.