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have you ever turned your phone off so you would stop hoping it would ring?



aggressively, equally.

- I really don't mind this conversation at all. there is some level of comfort when talking with strangers..kinda liberating. especially on a website like this one. - when i was younger I always thought I will do that and this when I grow up, but sadly, I almost did nothing. I wanted to travel..I did that by luck. I spent a year in the U.S. as an exchange student, and that is more than anyone would've dreamed of, but I want more. I want to travel to different countries and experience different cultures. - I didn't even travel around Egypt for that matter. I have lots to see. DON'T grow up. Do you know the feeling when we were younger and excited about something , we go to sleep so that tomorrow comes faster? now I don't want to go to sleep because I don't want to wake up tomorrow, and when I am asleep, I don't want to wake up because I don't want the day to start. - I wish I had more time for reading nowadays. and a place for it, too. somewhere co
the connection, the other pole, the right side of the equation...gone. time has passed for fantasies. good ones at least. maybe not. lies are like gotta keep upping the dose otherwise the reality hits hard.

Is OkCupid tricking You into purchasing an A-List?

If You have ever used OkCupid, then it's almost a certainty that you have encountered this small pop-up in the bottom right corner informing You that someone liked You and even shows you a blurry picture of the secret admirer. However, I've noticed that they are always almost -as far as I can see through the blurred picture- perfect headshots, Which is not that weird giving the nature of the site, but it's not uncommon for a wide range of profile pictures to be of something else like a full body shot (Yeah I am talking about those mirror selfies with the tongue out) and some other not really even related to a person. If you googled around about the fake likes and such, You'll find a lot of discussions about the bots on the site that wants Your attention for various reasons and that OkCupid is fighting them to some degree, But what if the site itself was using the same method to entice You. After all, they gotta make money. The so called "A-List"
here's to accompanying us through the years... 


relationships are like 2 masses in get close super fast that you destroy each other, or leave magnificent craters..or in best case scenario, gravitational slingshot happens and shoots one away from the other. 
... because we changed the way we think for each other, not for ourselves. the change was momentary no matter how long we tried to keep it.
-  لا مفيش جديد.. من الشغل للبيت ومن البيت للشغل. - و مبسوط ولا لا فعادي ولا اي حاجة لا مبسوط ولا متضايق. شغلي بليل فمستريح من دوشة الصبح والزحمة والخرا. وايه اللي غير رأيي فعلشان اريح اللي حواليا.. بين قوسين اهلي. - الفلوس كده كده مش جايبة همها. - بليل الدنيا هادية مفيش زحمة ولا دوشة و الشغل روتيني اي كلام.. - انا بس برد بالقرف اللي انا حاسس بيه تجاه الموضوع. - انا مابخدش فلوس من اهلي ولا بطلب منهم حاجة فزنهم على اني قاعد بس ومستقبلي والكلام الحمصي ده. - لا بنام 11 12 واصحى على الشغل. - معنديش حاجة اصحالها. - انا في العادي مابقابلش حد اوي فمش فارقة كتير. - اهو لحد ما ازهق. - لو لاقيت هابقي اروح بس مالقتش حاجة قدامي. - انا عامة مابقتش عايز حاجة اصلا اكتر من الاول. - ساعات بنسى وبشتغل اتوماتيك من غير ماافكر في حاجة فمببقاش لا مبسوط ولا متضايق لحد مافتكر تاني ان مفيش اي حاجة. - يبني انا لا اصلح للزواج لا ماديا ولا شخصيا بالنسبة لزن اهلي في الموضوع فا ماديا هو السبب اهو. - انا ماينفعش اتعاشر كتير :D - انا شخصيتي بضان كدة يعني اصحابي اللي بيحبوني بيح