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Thank you, Roman Atwood!

 I don't know why I would write this or even what I would write. I have been watching Roman Atwood vlogs for some time now. I didn't watch from the beginning, but I caught the vlogs one time, and I was hooked ever since. I still remember the first vlog I saw. I remember the thumbnail.  "Sexy little island"? Sounds interesting to me as I was probably watching too many sailing videos at that time I thought it would be related to this. Luckily, no it wasn't. It was the Atwood's on vacation. I didn't stop the video...I just kept watching, and I have been watching approximately every day he uploaded and every day when the daily vlogs started. I like the family man. The person I caught in time when he was transitioning from being a big kid (we are all still big kids really) to a more settled down, family loving, responsible person. Over the years, I fell in love with the entire family. I felt everything with them. Enjoyed traveling with them. Enjoyed the goofy t