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Introduce yourself

 Joining "NetworkChunk"  discord server, there was a channel for introducing yourself. I began writing and it turned out to be a short story that i can't even message in the channel anymore :)  Hello guys, I don't know if its really necessary for me to do that (introducing myself, because I don't think it would matter much) but I guess I am doing it for me :) so, I am from Giza, Egypt and my name is Mohamed (like the other 90% in the Egypt) and here is how things got crazy. I have been into computers and technology all my life. Maybe it's the idea of spending hours alone trying to figure something's the "what if" that drives us I believe. Can I call myself a nerdy geek? Because I think that is what I am. I would spend hours reading books, learning about astronomy and making chemistry experiments (and getting yelled at when I turn the air white in the house)…any way, a big reason was my dad as he liked technology and was very interested i