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Mind uploading

 we can not transfer our consciousness to computers..yet. this dream, portrayed in several novels, shows, and movies, but not yet possible. from my pov, it's already here. i have been doing it for as long as i remember now. ever since my first touch of a computer keyboard. if this was a video and you were hearing my voice over old footage of a kid in front of an off-white CRT monitor and an off-white case with green, oval shaped buttons and an equally matching off-white keyboard and mouse..there would be a sound in the background. dial-up modem noise. Back then, mice were like actual pets. You had to take care of them. Clean them, pet them..anyway..back to the main topic i guess. Since those early days, since my first chats using mIRC, countless ICQ accounts that i never got to memorize their numbers, MSN and yahoo! messengers, and Paltalk..there was part of me left online..forever..somewhere. Every post and reply on vBulletin pr php forum. Even so, every forum I created…downloaded