If I have seen this video a few years ago, I would have probably became mad, cursed, and defended Islam with all my power. I might have even hated the man and his supporters and maybe the west all together.

now I understand a little. I am still a Muslim. I believe in one God, All the Prophets and messengers  including the last of them, our beloved Muhammad  and I believe in Judgement day. However, I must understand and admit that many of people whom might understand Islam in their own way have chosen to use anger and force to spread or defend Islam. I must realize that when looking from the other side that it looks very bad. I would have hated and feared Muslims if I were on the other side.

We must face our own problems before we fight with other people. We must know that among us are groups who use hate and racism as a fuel to set the world on fire. We must know that no religion should call for hate or killing of innocent people. We should understand each other.

Here in Egypt we face the same thing called Islam-phobia and we are faced everyday with the so-called Shiokh or relegious men interpreting religion as they see fit. some of them are not even well educated, but they have a beard and they talk with examples from Quran and the sayings of our prophet.

I can’t say that the Anti Islam supporters because of what they are seeing and witnessing are wrong.. they might be wrong in judging something without fully understand it or search about it or seeing it from all aspects. In every situation I put my self in ( If I were in their place) I got to hate Islam and the Muslims.

Some will hate Islam for his/her own agenda and lunch propaganda against it for various reasons, but the majority would be honstly afraid of what they see and know about Islam.

When I was studying abroad in an exchange program (which is a program funded by the U.S after 9-11  so the Americans get to know Muslims a little bit and vice-versa by the way) I took a class about Human behavior and it was mainly based on the Holocaust and how the Nazi were able to influence the public that the Jews were the problem of everything and because people tend to blame others because in the doing they clear them selves, It was accepted that the Jews were the problem of the modern world and must be eliminated. Watching this video and what is happening is the same to me. What’s funny is that some Jews/ Israeli and supporting the movement and I can only interpret this to the saying “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

I don’t know what else to say.. I am not writing this to defend Islam nor attack the anti-Islam supporters. From my point of view.. most anti-Islam supporters are wrong when they attack something they don’t fully understand… nothing in this world can be defined using bits and pieces from it (the Quran) and its not right to generalize… and the Muslims who attack, call names, or/and threaten others are defiantly wrong and whatever they think they believe in is wrong, because no religion should allow that.

The world is fucked up place… We need to think before we act.. before we hate we must first try to love and understand… hate will only hurt us.

I wrote this after seeing the video and I don’t know what I wanted to say… I just let it come out.