what if i had only one day to live? one month? six? one year? what would change? would I start praying? or will I emerge my self in the pleasures of life?

will I still go to college? study? or will I just do nothing?
will I tell my parents? my friends? my family?.. will I show any signs? or will I carry on my life as normal?

will I cry? will I laugh again? will I pick up my camera and look through the view finder once more? will I keep on liking pictures on facebook? or will I deactivate my account?

will I care about what is happening in Egypt? or in the world? will I have any hope?



2 responses to “will I?”

  1. اعتقد انك هتفضل تعمل كل حاجه انت بتحبها ومقتنع بيها وبس .. هتعيش الحياه صح .. " اوعى تغمض عنيك تقف بعيد وحيييييد .. حاجات كتير (حواليك) بتنادييييك .. ارسم ولون وشوش الناس .. شغل مزيكــا وغنى بإحساااس " ..

  2. بفكر في الموضوع علي طول.. ممكن لو عرفت انا لو هاموت هاعمل ايه.. اعرف انا عايز اعمل ايه و انا عايش… يمكن.