Muslims ARE Terrorists.

When non-Muslims, usually the West and Europe, Say that Muslims are Terrorists, They are clearly not thinking right. following the media and easy answers. Just want someone to blame or simply they don’t understand or bother to know more what they are talking about. If I were living among them, I would have thought the same from what I see, hear, or read about everyday.

When Muslims and the Arab world defend Islam and say that Muslims are NOT terrorists, They are clearly not thinking right as well. They are fooled by the media and by years of ignorance and hate build. Arab will defend anything they believe in no matter how or why. They won’t even try to understand why they are defending something or why others are attacking it in the first place, thus creating more to be attacked and its an endless cycle involving hate, attacks, and blood.

Yes some Muslims are Terrorists, Some are not. Same with any other Religion, Race, Beliefs, and any group of people. and it would be wrong to say that Muslims are terrorists and it would be wrong to say that they are not.

Every one with a belief thinks that his belief is the only right one.. his belief, his understanding.. his version of this belief is the only right thing out there giving himself the right to be right and depriving everyone else of the same right. Give yourself the right to be wrong so you can give it to others and there will be a middle ground for understanding. You can’t force anyone to like, believe, or understand anything you say, do, or believe. Don’t just accuse others just to blame someone for anything. Don’t defend anything unless you know why it is being attacked and don’t defend someone of the same religion when he/she is wrong. Present your version of what you believe in and give that right to the others knowing that you and they must respect each other even if you don’t agree with them.

Many have talked and wrote about this matter before in a better way, but I just wanted to share what is going through my head. I wrote it English so it can reach as many people as possible.