Why, What?

I don’t like my work. I don’t like waking up early, wearing suits, or be another buffalo in the herd. My salary won’t get me anything I want. It won’t get me a car. A decent car that is. It won’t get me an apartment nor will it get me a shack on an isolated beach somewhere.
If I were “normal”, the salary won’t even cover my expenses every month. I rarely go out and when I do it’s 9/10 a local coffee shop where I have 1 coffee, black, and without sugar. I don’t buy cloth often because I don’t like the shops where someone is trying to force sell you stuff and the other places are expensive. oh, and because I don’t go out much I don’t really need a lot of cloths.
So why am I still doing working where I do? more importantly, what am I living for?