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this is gonna be hard one to review.
first things first, my review or thoughts are in no way concerning those who passed away.

I thought this book was going to be more than that. I watched the movie and I liked it so I thought the book would be packed with more details and that should make it 1000 times better, but it made it worse. I guess its safe to say that we are all brainwashed by those who are moving the strings and if anyone should be extra brainwashed its gonna be the men and women of the military, any military for that matter. it doesn’t mean that those military men and women are bad, it doesn’t mean they are good either because everyone comes from a different background and different ideology, but its safe to say that most of them believes they are doing good and doing it for the right reasons, because if you aren’t into killing and murdering, why would you join such a thing except to serve your country and protect your people? and for those who are playing in the shadows, its a great way to brainwash anyone, being american fighting overseas or an ignorant kid filled with hatred and fighting for heaven, but I am not going to talk politics and world corruption and all that, because in the end if you don’t know a glimpse of that, then you are living in a place or a state of mind that would see what i am writing as complete BS and that’s ok. I might be a complete idiot and I just don’t know it.

However, I want to talk about how I got the feeling from that book that if we took that american flag from the author and put one of those extremist black flags, it would fit right in. I am not insulting anyone or any nation, but I am talking about a feeling, a thought.

If it’s alright to kill innocent people for the “greater good”, then what makes this american seal any different than those idiots Muslim extremist who kill innocents for their version of the “greater good”? what makes us different that any extremist? its our own decisions. If it’s alright to humiliate and torture prisoners in a prison just because they are criminals, then why to get upset when those extremist cut our throats on tv? when did we join them?
when has it become alright for a group of people to hold trail, sentence, and execute others based on their own believes and ideology? can you see the 2 pictures getting blurred? If you are a patriot american than all this might seem like a complete trash and all you care about is that soldiers kill those human-bugs anyway they can and clean the earth of them…just the way those extremist are thinking with the roles reversed.

this seal could have killed those who helped him if they crossed paths early, just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or because they had weapons, so they must be the enemy, because everyone hates the Americans, right? I mean imagine living in this part of the world with all what is happening and you are just living there…you will have weapons, you will not be able to trust anyone other than your contacts, village, or people. one of your own family member gets killed because he was in the wrong place and because one man decided that he is a threat..and then you ask why they hate you…why do they join Taliban and the other goddamned terrorist groups out there. Your actions are a very big reason why they do and your behavior are giving the leaders of such groups to recruit more and more everyday. Winning hearts and minds concept.
everyday civilians die, innocent people, soldier dying in a land that isn’t theirs, kids blowing themselves up…why? who is winning from such conflicts and who is suffering the most? my main point here aside from politics and all that BS is that for a soldier, for a warrior fighting for whatever side you think is right, set an example. don’t get dragged to becoming the enemy you are facing. don’t just become a terrorist to fight one, because the moment you do, you have already lost.

I had a lot of thoughts reading this book and I was intending to write them all, but it won’t matter anyway. I hope that not all Americans soldiers think the same way the author did. i hope no one does American or not.

then comes the part when we really review the book..first of all its one man story so we can’t know for sure that its the true story or the right story. It could be 100% accurate or not so. The author is full of himself and then some more. “I am awesome because I am seal and seals are awesome and we are better than anyone and anything else and all you are beneath us”. He has no respect for anyone else or anything else outside the american military. No respect for other cultures or people. No respect for other’s religions or customs. He doesn’t even respect Americans who disagree with the way he sees things. Its his views and the military’s and that’s it. This was a very big disappointment with the book and the character of the author.

I couldn’t also imagine how the families and friends of other fallen seals would feel when reading this book. I couldn’t imagine how they would remember the same moments when there were no news and they were hoping and praying for them. was god only with you? he just picked you out to survive, but he wasn’t with the rest? don’t just slam that in their faces. I am sure their families had seals supporters at those times and they might have said the same things “he is alive its what he is trained to do, he is just MIA” and then bam! no this book was really a big disappointment in a seal character. I always looked up on the people in special forces fighting for their countries and the book just slapped me in the face. also, the author is not as funny as he thinks he is.

“we are going to fight those who kill ion the name of god, we are doing god’s work”, right?