My goal was to create a simple, easy to understand guide to explain how to properly secure home wireless networks (WiFi networks) and to explain the risks associated with leaving the network unsecured, because a great number of home users neglect the proper way to secure and configure their networks due to lack of knowledge and understanding. In 2013, I presented this guide in Arabic and in PDF format and I figured that I keep it very simple with as few technical terms as possible to target the ordinary home user who might not be interested in technology or how things work. This 30 page PDF guide got some attention and a few reviews on a few websites. A few while ago, I decided to work on a new version to edited some mistakes and update the guide and I decided to make it even easier for everyone to get to it without downloading a PDF and never actually reading it and that’s why I choose to make it as a one page website that would just work on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. It would also make it easier to modify the guide as needed and maybe work on translating it to different languages so it can reach as many people as possible and since my original project was open sourced, I found that github is the perfect place to host this project to allow other to improve it, add to it, and translate it under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license

Securing Wireless Networks | Guide