Unorganized Thoughts

 This post’s privacy is set for certain people only.

It might be a long one, I can’t tell since I think I will be writing it on multiple times..

Life is not easy. Life isn’t fair.. I don’t even think I’m going to post this post, but I have to get it out, even if no one will ever see it.

Most of you might not know all of this about me, some will.

To get this whole thing cleared right away… I need to further improve my quality of life, self ambition, and life status. Life is short and I know I will leave it sooner than later as a feeling not a fact.

I have been both blessed and cursed at the same time with certain overview knowledge and skills than average, however I might not exceed in any of them, or at least can’t concentrate on only one.

The Corona hit the world hard and with it definitely hit me hard giving the timing in which I picked to evolve into a married man. Living the rest of my life with the one I truly love is priceless and very precious.

Life was hard as it’s. It’s not fair or doesn’t make sense and I am unable to sum it up in this post, but life here is just not possible the way it is.

I am lucky that during the recent Corona disaster I got to keep my work giving that I work in the hospitality industry, but I got to prove my worth that for the time being I still have my job in the short term unlike many others here in Egypt or all over the world. However, the previously not enough salary is now even lower with no real improvement in the near future giving the low level of tourism and over all economy during the Corona world wide disaster. I’ve been lucky that I work in a position where I feel a level of self fulfillment, not much, but at least something.

I don’t dream of moving out from Egypt to anywhere else as I don’t see my self with importance that I would be appreciated in any other developed country because I would add much to any organization, and I’m not willing to trade one slave master with another. The money seekers who spend their lives working as slaves in the Arabian gulf can have my piece with pleasure.

What is always haunting me is that I want to use my skills and knowledge to do something I love doing working for me. The freedom to do what I like  from anywhere, and at anytime. The dream of many.

So what is this post? I don’t really know. I don’t really care anymore. What is it that I want to do? I’ve no idea.

Maybe I can list some of those skills I keep talking about…. What have I done with those skills? What can I really do to have that dream of working remotely and for my own business instead of enrolling as another gear inside the belly of the beast.

– I can call myself a Linux system administrator. I can run, maintain different servers and services. I can automate most tasks and write different types of scripts and code snippets using bash, python, and others.

– very comfortable with html and css and many bootstraps that focus on front end development.

– I’ve been successful in deploying and maintaining Home Assistant, a self hosted service that deal with home automation, and iot devices.

– I work with electronics, mainly developing and prototyping iot devices based on arduino and esp chips and everything related to iot devices, sensors, and solutions.

– I lack all the “professional” equipment, but I think I can do well in photography based on my understanding of the most important element in any photograph, light.

– Before I started in photography, I spent years playing with most of Adobe suite, I have done designs both mock-ups and some paid work. This includes banners, flyers, menus, web designs, and digital advertising.

– What I really enjoyed from the above, is branding or simply logo design, I like the idea of thinking of a way to send a message with just one look. A complete story told via a logo never failed to bore me no matter how much time I spent thinking or sketching.

– Giving my degree and professional line of work, I have increased my level in MS Excel. I have grown more comfortable with macros and vba code, automating and introducing more solutions day by day that I’ve nearly completely redesigned and reestablished all of the reports being used everyday where I work, implemented sheets that saved hours of daily work yet produced more actionable data than ever.

–  I have used and gained almost near 100% of the rest of MS office suite.

– My love for computer and breaking stuff to figure how they work, has led me to the world of pen-testing or Hacking.. Ethical Hacking of-course. I can’t say I am an expert, or even close giving that for such thing I need to spend more time studying, Hacking, and be on top of the ever changing digital world, but I have gained a lot of understand g and knowledge that promotes me from being a script kiddie to maybe one or more step above. In times where I had the motivation and the time, I’ve discovered some vulnerabilities that I have reported on multiple bug-bounty programs, but I just haven’t been quick enough as I got recognized for reporting a duplicate undisclosed report that was being already fixed.

– When I had time, I focused on wireless network security and back in 2013 wrote a small booklet covering the security of wireless networks for the average home user because I thought it was important. After that, I created the same guide online in both Arabic and English for ease of access.

– The same love for computers made me also an able user of Microsoft Windows. Able to tackle most problems and give technical support whenever I am asked to, at work or by friends and family.

I don’t think I will complete this post the way I intended to be. I think I just needed to vent out.

I will leave random links to whatever I done, doing.

Giving how this post turned out, I don’t think many will read it. I will leave the privacy to all friends.

If you read this far, I am sorry for venting, typos and mistakes, and for wasting your time.

*originally posted to FB*