Thank you, Roman Atwood!

 I don’t know why I would write this or even what I would write.

I have been watching Roman Atwood vlogs for some time now. I didn’t watch from the beginning, but I caught the vlogs one time, and I was hooked ever since. I still remember the first vlog I saw. I remember the thumbnail. 

“Sexy little island”? Sounds interesting to me as I was probably watching too many sailing videos at that time I thought it would be related to this. Luckily, no it wasn’t. It was the Atwood’s on vacation. I didn’t stop the video…I just kept watching, and I have been watching approximately every day he uploaded and every day when the daily vlogs started.

I like the family man. The person I caught in time when he was transitioning from being a big kid (we are all still big kids really) to a more settled down, family loving, responsible person.
Over the years, I fell in love with the entire family. I felt everything with them. Enjoyed traveling with them. Enjoyed the goofy time and the couch sitting all day. I enjoyed watching every day mostly while having dinner. I feel down? Then I watch a vlog to feel a bit cheerful because that is what Roman tells us… Smile More.
I understand the fact that we get attached to celebrities, and they don’t even know us. I would know everything they feel like sharing, and I would think I know everything about them, but that’s not true. Anyway, I understand that. I understand that we will never meet (different countries, different life), but I might get a reply on Twitter or something to make my entire month. I even thought about what if he came to visit Egypt again with his family and I ran into him while vlogging and how I would prank him somehow talking seriously and ask for his permission to shoot in the street.
I was happy seeing him shifting to other things because I knew YouTube won’t be the answer forever, and I wanted the best for his family. Doing partnerships with his brother to fabricate games, doing mobile game, the store, and promoting products. I was happy knowing that he and his family were thinking ahead.
At the time when Roman disappeared, I was caught up on things of my own. I was getting engaged and getting married. A lot of ups and downs in between. I didn’t have time to watch anything, but I was dying to watch just one more vlog. I hadn’t really give much thought about what has happened because I didn’t want to think of anything that would be bad for him or his family. When Roman’s mother passed away (may god rest her soul) I was feeling his pain. I was really sad for him.
Now thank god that he posted a couple of videos to share the reason and what has happened. I was happy to see the family again, but I was even sadder for what they went through. Just one thing of what they were saying was happening would devastate my life if it happened to me. I can’t begin to understand what they have must have been through and still. I wish they are safe and most importantly, feel safe.
In more recent vlog, Roman thanked the energy drink G FUEL as they stood by him during the time he wasn’t posting anything. He didn’t talk about any other companies/entity that held the contract to his face, but I would imagine that some did. Adding to the already unimaginable situation. So I guess a thank you to GFuel is in order for supporting him.
Roman, you have been there for so many kids. You have been there for so many of us. I know I can’t do anything for you, but thank you and your family.